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Little Town Players is thrilled to announce Open Auditions for its production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's musical comedy Company, produced by special arrangement with MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL. 

The show will be performed June 1-2 and 8-10, 2018, at the Little Town Players Theatre in the English Meadows-Elks Home Campus, located in Bedford, VA.
Directed by: Erin Foreman
Music Direction by: Kevin Smith

Auditions will be held at Little Town Players Theatre, 931 Ashland Ave, Bedford VA 24523 on Monday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 27 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Rehearsals will begin in April and run through May. There are roles for men and women, aged 20s to 60s. Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition, strong musical skills encouraged. Choreography will be minimal.

Please prepare and provide the following: 
• A Broadway style song that showcases your vocal range. Songs from Company should NOT be used. Readings will be taken from the script.
• Sheet music in the proper key, with cuts marked, as an accompanist will be provided. (No CDs, mp3s, or a cappella, please.)
• If available, though not required, a copy of your resume and a current head shot.

The cast calls for 6 men and 8 women as follows:

ROBERT- A guy who all the women love and who all the men want to be. A man who at thirty-five years old, takes stock of his relationship status through examining the interactions he has with his married friends and the women he is dating. He is an observer, seemingly happy, but with a hidden pain. Vocal Range: G3-G5, Tenor/Baritone 

SARAH AND HARRY – A lot of playful verbal sparring takes place between them. 
SARAH - A married woman who's trying to lose weight and talks about food. A lot. She has taken up karate, which is no substitute. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Mezzo/Alto 
HARRY - Sarah's husband, a struggling alcoholic since his arrest for Driving While Intoxicated. He is self-depreciating and good humored. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Baritone 

SUSAN AND PETER – the “ideal couple” - to those on the outside. 
SUSAN - A delicate southern belle and a wonderful wife. Uses her charisma to brush off difficult subjects. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Mezzo/Soprano 
PETER - Susan's perfect Ivy League husband (and ex-husband.) Struggles with authenticity and deeper emotions. Vocal Range: B3-A5, Baritone 

JENNY AND DAVID – Tension runs high in their marriage and Robert provides just the stimulation to relax them.
JENNY – Conservative and wise. She reads her husband well and is eager to please him. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Mezzo/Soprano 
DAVID – Has a desire to relax yet a need to remain in control. Very aware of how he is being perceived. Vocal Range: B3-A5, Baritone 

AMY AND PAUL – In love, but she’s afraid to commit. 
AMY - A bride-to-be who has been living with her boyfriend and in therapy for years. She's a frantic, neurotic, loving woman. Vocal Range: G3-A5, Alto 
PAUL - Amy's fiancé - coolly loving to Amy's neurotic nature. He is fully committed to the idea of marriage and encourages Robert to do the same. Vocal Range: B3-A5, Tenor

JOANNE AND LARRY – She pushes love away, he refuses to leave. An older couple, mid 40s to early 60s.

JOANNE - A generous but sharp-tongued wife whose scorn for others is matched only by her self-contempt. She is acerbic, funny, and demanding. Vocal Range: G3-B5, Alto 
LARRY - Joanne's husband, He is stoic and centered. He has moments of goofiness but also knows when to put his foot down, especially with his wife. Vocal Range: B3-A5 Baritone 

APRIL - A flight attendant from Shaker Heights. She is a bit ditsy, but adorable. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Mezzo/Soprano 
KATHY – She has lived in New York, but is ready to move away to settle down more permanently. She is very sweet and holds onto romance with Robert. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Soprano
MARTA – A young bohemian, she hangs out on 14th Street and has theories on pretty much every topic imaginable. Energetic and passionate, although not always quite logical. Vocal Range: A3-A5, Mezzo/Soprano