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Director David Walton will hold auditions for our September production of Ken Ludwig’s, "Postmortem" on Sunday, July 11th and Monday, July 12th at 7 PM in the Fred Harper Theatre on the Campus of the Elks—A Noble Senior Living Community. Show dates are September 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th at 7:30 PM with matinees September 12th and 19th, at 2 PM.

Written by Ken Ludwig, Postmortem is a crowd pleasing mystery thriller tinged with romance and humor. It is set on a stormy night in April, 1922, the one year anniversary of the death of a beautiful woman. Near midnight, a collection of equally beautiful people gather for a séance. Welcome to Gillette Castle, the home of acclaimed Sherlock Holmes actor, William Gillette. Convinced that one of his cast mates is trying to kill him, Gillette invites them all to his home for a weekend of intrigue, mystery and, he believes, murder. As the weekend progresses romantic entanglements and veiled secrets make it difficult to know whom to trust. So, Gillette steps into the role of Holmes himself planning to solve the crime before it happens. The question is, will he succeed?   

Roles are available for three males ages 30-55 and 4 females ranging in age from the mid-20’s-early 70’s.


William Gillette: fifty-something male: Having played the role of Sherlock Holmes on stage for thirty years, Gillette is the embodiment of the character. He slips as easily from a Scottish brogue into an English accent as he does from his smoking jacket to a silk robe. Larger than life, Gillette is classically handsome, fastidious in dress and adored by everyone. Well, not quite everyone.  

Bobby Carlyle: Bobby is thirty, boyishly good looking and he knows it too! But he’s more than just eye candy. Bobby knows a thing or two about two or three things. Perhaps he knows just enough to make him dangerous.

May Dison: May is a twenty-six year old flapper, complete with long pearls, cigarette holder and bobbed hair. But she’s no fun-loving girl, no indeed. May is at times brooding, at others jealous, but always pining away for something or someone. No one will stand in the way of what she wants; no one.

Marion Gillette Barnett: William Gillette’s slightly younger sister is a middle-aged beauty who languishes in the shade of her famous brother. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t express her opinions, nor her frustrations. These she keeps in check, until she is unable to do so any longer.

Leo Barnett: Leo is not only Gillette’s brother-in-law, on stage he plays Sherlock Holmes’s clever nemesis, Professor Moriarty. In real life, however, Leo’s not as bright as all that. Strong, solid and devoted to his wife, he seems to have no guile. That is, however, until his head is turned. Then, all bets are off!

Louise Parradine: At only thirty years old, Louise is strikingly beautiful, dramatic and elegant. All eyes are on her when she enters the room. She is as mysterious as she is seductive and flirtatious. As such, Louise can have any man she wishes. But will she get the one she wants? And what happens if she doesn’t?     

Lilly Warner: In her seventies, Lilly’s glamor is from a bygone era, yet she has lost none of her poise or beauty. The matriarch of the family, she adores her nephew and her niece. But she has high moral expectations too, and she does not like to be disappointed!

Auditionees are asked to prepare for cold readings taken from from the script. For more information, please contact director, David Walton at